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Dr. Stanley Biber And Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad MainStreet

There are a few places we all know, and Trinidad, Colorado is one of them. For decades when a person wanted to make the transition to the opposite sex with guidance and professional assistance, Trinidad was the place to go.

This small town in southern Colorado has claimed the title of the Sex Change Capital of the World for over three decades. Not exactly a number one tourist destination, although it’s a pleasant enough environment, Trinidad may not necessarily be a place that one would consider their dream vacation spot.

With all the necessary local amenities such as Trinidad Roofers, Denver Caterers or Aurora Towing Services to support your every need, if you wanted to discreetly follow the dream of becoming who you really are, then you’re in the right place. More than 10,000 sexual-reassignment operations have been performed in the small local hospital there.

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