Two Of Talking Tranny’s Favorite Beauty Pageants

TG Beauty Contestants

With 2015 coming to a close it’s fun to look back on some of the events that highlighted our society. We’ve come a long way over the past 10 years and we’re about to add another year. More people are coming into their own – they’re owning it in big beautiful statements like never before. Beauty Contest and Pageants are becoming an integral part of our camaraderie. Here are two of my favorite celebrations.

The Miss International Queen beauty pageant held this year in Pattaya City, Thailand was a huge score. Twenty seven beautiful contestants from seventeen countries made an appearance. The limousines were lined up the block for the 11th annual Miss International Queen competition. The grand ballroom was setup like a wedding catering to the most beautiful women in the world. We come into our own when we can participate with a Tranny beauty pageant. It’s a time to celebrate our outer and inner beauty.

The winner this year was Trixie Maristela from the Philippines. She is an elegant example of a walking work of art. Trixie is the epitome of what we all aim for in our transitions.

A clear statement is made to anyone out there who has always sat glued to the TV watching the Miss Universe contests or the Miss America, Miss France, Miss Brazil or Miss Any One of the worldwide beauty contest that have inspired us. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Never give up on the being you know you are; is the message these pageants convey.

Beauty has been celebrated since the beginning of time. We all know that beauty is only skin deep, but, let’s be real, it’s nice to look at. Combine outward beauty with inward beauty and ladies, we have a winner. With every passing year the cattiness and undercutting has been replaced by support and giving as each contestant feels the high of being a part of the overall recognition.

Don’t get me wrong, winning is number one on the minds of the women participating, but not at the cost of their personal integrity. Those days seem to have faded into obscurity. Naturally there are some jealousies, but they are not played out in a way that overrides the heart of the event. Pageants are just too much fun to mess up with pettiness.

Another power packed pageant of the year is the Miss Tiffany’s Universe Transvestite Beauty Contest. As we know Pattaya, is the place to be. The draw of a beach town and the lure of a beauty contest makes it a perfect fit for our Ladyboys and their friends. And while it’s a fit for the pageant’s participants, it has also become a very cool landing place for tourism, in general.

The goal of this contest is to help bring an understanding to gender diversity along with drawing positive attention to the beach town of Pattaya. The funds which are raised mainly go to local charitable causes. A portion is used in promoting Pattaya as an international tourist destination. Offering the visitor a fabulous time, and boosting the commerce, brings a better quality of life for the Thai people while spreading the wealth.

The Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant is broadcast on National Thai Television with an estimated viewership of 15 million. It’s a big deal! Thailand supports and promotes gender equality for all. The Thai people would like the world to have more of an overall understanding of sexual diversity. We always feel welcome.

Sopida Siriwattananoocool holds the title for 2015 and she is a beautiful spokesperson for the Transvestite and Transgender world community. Future participants have a new standard! Sopida is naturally self-expressed and her self artistry is beautifully creative. Next year promises that this beauty contest will continue to bring us more of the same high standard.

It is the most coveted title in the Tranny beauty contest world to possess. Did you have a favorite beauty contest this year? What made it so spectacular that you can’t resist leaving a comment? Tell Talking Tranny all about it.

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