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Denial, Our Greatest Foe


Some mornings the feeling of wanting to blend right in haunts me. It’s not that I want to lower my personal standard of who I know I am, it’s just that sometimes I desire the luxury limo service and dinner dates life has to offer, but over all I wouldn’t mind a simpler life. It’s a fine line between self betrayal and ‘eff ‘you! “You” being all the people who are unconscious to the struggles involved living in a society that is programmed to judge.

If I could step into a 3D printer and clone another me that was straight – I might try it, just to get a different take on the situation. It wouldn’t really be me, however just a cheap imitation, and one I doubt I could relate with for long. So I grapple, then come to peace. The peace comes quicker and more often these days, but I remember when I was a young person it was painfully elusive.

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